welcome to regent schools

Excellence & Achievement Regent believes that excellence honors God and inspires people, thus students are prepared to go beyond basic to achieve at their highest potential.

Character and Citizenship Honorable character and citizenship are the responsibilities of current students and a lofty aspiration for their future.

Environment In the midst of significant challenge and high standards, every Regent student, staff and faculty is motivated to be environmentally conscious and actively involved to protect it.

Leadership Regent students are equipped with the mental, physical, social and spiritual competence necessary to become stewards of their God given gifts and talents.

Teamwork We at Regent view education as a team work between faculty, staff, students, parents. Regent is a community where we work together and encourage one another to achieve our individual and common goals. Open communication is central to this partnership.

Respect Regent believes that each person is created in the image of God and therefore is treated with respect. Respect is the foundation of all we do - respect for one another and for each others' ideas.

Integrity Our relationships and academic performance are based on integrity and fairness. There is trust between students and faculty. We compete fairly and with integrity.